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Pixelation YouTube TV and Amazon prime

I’ve had the roku stick in two TVs for a few years. My internet connection is absolutely fine and called them to double check they are not the issue. I have a small house so TVs are only about 20 feet apart. 

Zero issues with living room TV and roku. Now to my issue and question

yesterday, 9/27/2022, the YouTube TV and Amazon prime apps in the bedroom are all pixelated. Netflix, Disney, Hulu work fine. I’ve uninstalled YouTube TV and added back. Same problem. Can’t find anything here to address the issue. Works with one TV, not with another. 

I’m pretty sure the newest roku is in the TV having the issue. 

thank you. 

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Roku Guru

Re: Pixelation YouTube TV and Amazon prime

You didn't mention the model # or firmware version of your Roku device(s):  Settings/System/About

This is important in general, but especially when new firmware versions are rolling out (OS 11.5).

What is the "Internet download speed" result from Settings/Network/Check Connection?

Did you restart all devices? (Rokus & modem/router/gateway).

FTR, when uninstalling an app, you MUST RESTART the Roku before reinstalling:

1) Remove YTTV/Prime app:  Highlight app press Options (*)

2) RESTART Roku: Settings/System/<Power>/System Restart/Restart

3) Reinstall YTTV/Prime app

The YTTV app allows one to manually select the resolution: During playback press Down, Select HD, then Select 1080p or 720p

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Re: Pixelation YouTube TV and Amazon prime

God bless you. Thank you. So easy. 

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Re: Pixelation YouTube TV and Amazon prime

So here’s the interesting thing. It worked after your suggested procedure. I turned it off and came back a few hours, and it was pixelated all over again. I followed the procedure again, and it has worked again. I just don’t want to have to do this every time. 

Here is model number:

model 3810x-roku streaming stick+

software 11.0.0 build 4193-50

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Roku Guru

Re: Pixelation YouTube TV and Amazon prime


The most common reason YTTV does this is when the network connection is reset or there are significant bandwidth changes during streaming, though app updates also occasionally cause this.

I suggest you check your WiFi situation - specifically, I suggest you check the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz channel usage of your devices, especially relative to any interference/overlap from your neighbors.

A good app to use (e.g. with an Android phone/tablet/etc) is WiFi Analyzer (open-source) - you'll be able to see all the nearby WiFi networks, and this can help you to choose 2.4/5Ghz channel asssignments manually in your modem/router/gateway.

If you havent already done so, I highly recommend separating your 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz into separately named SSIDs, to control bandwidth usage/stability, and to connect your 5Ghz capable streaming devices to the 5Ghz SSID whenever possible/reasonable.

Regardless of mitigating the network issues, you will occasionally need to manually configure the resolution in YTTV (and YT for that matter) due to other factors (like app/system/networking software/firmware updates), and now you know the process to do so quickly & easily.

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Re: Pixelation YouTube TV and Amazon prime

My youtube app also does this on my roku and it's the only app that is pixelated, everything else works perfect. I can stream 1080p content with all other apps but youtube vids are all blocky and pixelated even when I manually change the resolution.

3930X - Roku Express

Version: 11.5.0 build 4312-AE

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