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Pixelating on some apps, but not all

I am using a Roku Ultra2020 and connected via Netgear range extender. My Cable and internet provider is Spectrum and I am using their App.

Most of the channels on the Spectrum App are unwatchable because of pixelating in and out. I went to the Fox sports App, Not on Spectrum, to watch the Baseball game last night, it was better but still in and out. Today I went to the CBS Sports App to watch football and it was bad. Then I went to the TBS App to watch Baseball and it was very good. From there I tried several other Apps and they worked fine.  

Is it possible/likely that some apps need stronger internet coverage than others?  I understand that if the signal is weak stations will go in and out but why some and not all. My extender only puts out 750MBS and I have ordered a much better one but amd I missing something else? 

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Re: Pixelating on some apps, but not all


Thanks for the post.

Is the video quality issue you are experiencing only occurring on the Spectrum channel? If so, this is probably an indication that there may be an issue with the channel itself and the channel provider will need to investigate further.

Please keep us posted.


Danny R.
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Re: Pixelating on some apps, but not all

Thanks Danny, this is puzzling and it is not just the spectrum App. I added the TBS and Fox Sports app for the baseball playoffs and they go in and out as well. Interestingly this problem only seems to affect app related to regular TV channels. Netflix, Youtube Acorn etc... are fine.

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