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Philo installed itself

I'm sitting here watching broadcast television when the Roku takes control. This isn't unusual, the remote is quite sensitive and is often bumped accidentally.

I look for the remote and it's sitting on the table and nobody is near it. When I look back up at the tv, the Roku is flashing to the install apps screen, installing and then opening the Philo app. I am 100% certain that the this app was not on my Roku before. I immediately turned off my internet and began trying to figure out what happened. The firewall doesn't show any attacks and nobody on the network was doing anything with the Roku app.

If Roku is going to be adding apps without my say-so then it should at least come in the form of a regular system update. I fear that this was not an action by Roku corporate but that their systems have been compromised.

I would like an explanation from somebody at roku on what would have caused this and how to prevent it from happening again. I would also like confirmation that their device isn't going to turn into a spam mill or be used for any other hacking activities.

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Re: Philo installed itself

Truly nothing to worry about.  Other things to consider besides a full blown scale system compromise ... 

1 All your roku devices may be linked to one account (someone on another roku installed it on theirs which showed up on yours).

Solution....Go to your roku Dashboard and setup a PIN. (Can configure to not only have to authorize purchases, but to authorize Channel additions and removals)

2. May be using a screensaver or theme on the Roku that contains ads. (When the system was wakened, installed the Channel the particular ad was showing at the time)

Solution... Use another screensaver that does not ads, there are about 1000 of them, or reset back to the Roku default theme and screensaver.

None of the above may apply in your situation, but are often the first and easiest things to look at.  I would say, rest easy, delete Philo, set your PIN, and see if it continues to reoccur.  Sometimes, with electronic devices, there really are just quirks.

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