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Opening channels results in a black screen

I have a Roku 4400X that my roommates and I used several times before.  Recently, the device has not been working.  I fixed the original issue (where it would endlessly load if you selected a channel, for example Netflix) but I have ran into another issue. 

The issue I am having is when i select and click into a channel, such as Netflix, the logo will pop up for approximately a second and the TV screen will turn to black.  Assuming it was just taking its time, i left it for a solid 5 minutes and nothing happened. 

Pressing the home button lets you go back to the home screen, so I am fairly sure it is not getting frozen.  It also does not work with other channels, such as Amazon Prime and HBO Max.  It is not just with Netflix.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I have fully updated my Roku device and restarted it but nothing has worked so far.  Internet connection is completely fine also.

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Re: Opening channels results in a black screen


I don't have any suggestions apart from the standard troubleshooting steps.

  • Reboot the device (you said you did this)
  • Check for updates (you said you did this)
  • Remove/reinstall the app:
    1. Remove the app
    2. Reboot the Roku
    3. Reinstall the app
  • Last resort would be a factory reset. That's drastic, but may be the last resort, unless someone else has a suggestion.

One thing: I've been using Roku devices for nearly 11 years. I've always had the top of the line devices. The Roku 4 (model 4400) was the first time I skipped the top line Roku, because of the many issues other users experienced with it. Add its sketchy history to the fact it's six years old, and I'm thinking a newer device may be the solution. But, before you spend money, try my suggestions, and any other suggestions others may have.

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