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One live broadcast channel shows 23 seconds of signal, then a progress bar and repeats

One live broadcast channel, channel 13 on broadcast TV, sometimes works fine, but more often than not plays normally for 23 seconds before a progress bar comes on, followed by a repeat of the same 23 seconds of broadcast TV.  This cycle repeats endlessly, always reverting to the same 23 seconds of TV until I switch to another channel.  Invariably, the new channel plays perfectly.  If I then return to the troublesome channel, I get a new 23 seconds of the current broadcast, followed by the same endless cycle of progress bar followed by the new 23 second broadcast clip.  I've rebooted the ROKU device, but this has no effect.  Firmware is up to date.  All I can do to watch something on this channel when this is happening, is to watch 23 seconds, switch to another channel, then after about half a minute, switch back to the troublesome channel to see another 23 seconds, and so forth.  This seems to affect just one of my broadcast channels, and, I should add, does not happen all the time.  I have two ROKU devices, each hooked to a different TV.  When I'm having the trouble, it is not working correctly on both ROKU devices, and always with the same broadcast channel.  Has anyone seen this before?  ROKU Systems says my wifi signal is excellent.  I have tried switching ROKU to a different wifi network, but the same problem continues.  

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Re: One live broadcast channel shows 23 seconds of signal, then a progress bar and repeats

Since you are talking about Roku devices, instead of receiving over-the-air signals via the antenna input on a Roku TV ....

Roku devices have no provisions for receiving live over-the-air broadcasts.  (Roku TVs with Roku capability built in DO have antenna inputs for this purpose.)   So any local network programming received on a Roku device must be streamed via one of the streaming channel apps that carry local channels (YouTube TV, fubu, Hulu + Live TV, etc.).  The Roku device can only relay on to you whatever the channel app sends to it.  A problem of this nature must be corrected by the streaming channel provider.


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