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None of my channels will open

Absolutely none of my channels will open and I’ve tried every trouble shooting option I could find online. I’ve updated each channel, deleted and re-added it, I’ve reset and updated the whole system and checked my WiFi. I know the channels are connected because for the tile with my Xbox one the tile shows the main menu screen of the game I want to play. However nothing happens when I click on any of the tiles.

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Re: None of my channels will open


The whole thing about Xbox is throwing me off. I'm not following how that figures into things.

I'm going to assume -- and correct me if I'm wrong -- that you're using a Roku device attached to a TV. If so, what is the Roku model number and the OS version/build? Settings > System > About

Next, just to be clear about the issue, you're referring to "channels" which is what Roku calls their apps. I'm going to refer to them as apps, as that is standard everywhere but Roku, and it also keeps things separate when talking about a channel within an app. (Think: YouTube TV is an app, and inside YouTube TV, you can watch NBC channel. That's the way I'm going to refer, to keep things clear, if that's okay.)

So, your issue is that any app you launch on your Roku device will simply not open. If that's the case, please describe the issue more clearly. What does "not open" mean?

Does it mean you're on the Home screen, highlighting an app then clicking OK, but nothing happens? Or does the app attempt to open, then crash back to the Home screen? Or does something else happen?

Imagine we're not there with you and cannot see what you see or hear what you hear. Describe it to us. Paint us a verbal picture of the issue, and we'll see if we can offer some suggestions.

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Re: None of my channels will open

@DBDukes, I'm going the other way and assuming @Jgibbs365 has a Roku TV.  The Xbox tile would show as one of the HDMI inputs.  Doesn't get us any closer to figuring out what's wrong, but...

@Jgibbs365, are you saying even selecting the Xbox tile doesn't do anything?  Assuming this is a Roku TV, have you unplugged the power for several minutes and then tried again?

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