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No info at official page that Prime Video on Roku is blocked in many countries


At the box of Roku device also on Roku site or on Amazon site there is nowhere information that Video Prime app is blocked in many countries. 

Only after buying device you see that Prime Video is greyed out in your country.

There is no info at which countries Prime Video works and during the buying device you don't have such info. Now I have Roku which is useless for me as I bought it to watch Prime Video.

For me it is a kind of cheating customers as I don't have full info about geo blocking many apps on Roku.

I thin it is more honest to give customer all information like, Prime Video on Roku not working outside of USA or something like this or give a link with info which app works in which country.

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Re: No info at official page that Prime Video on Roku is blocked in many countries


I agree Roku could be more transparent on regional availability, but the issue is largely controlled by the channel providers, not Roku.

The channel apps are created, provided and maintained by the channels themselves. Roku just provides the platform on which they are run.

There are two steps to a channel becoming available on Roku in any given geographical area.

    1. The channel owners must release their content for distribution in that region. In many cases, the channel must license the ability to distribute the programming into that region, over a specified time period, from the actual owners of the content, and some other licensees may already have exclusive rights in a given region. Consequently a given channel may provide different content region by region.


  1. The channel owners must authorize their channel apps for the Roku to be used in that region and provide this authorization to Roku. This sometimes lags behind public announcements that the channel is now available in that region.

If a particular channel is available in your region via other devices but not on Roku, then it's likely the channel has not yet authorized Roku to enable it in your region. I would suggest you contact the channel about this directly, but don't be surprised if the front line support people at the channel know nothing beyond the content of their own press releases and do not understand this issue.

Understanding the situation is further complicated because many channels' websites fail to provide any information regarding the regions in which they operate or the devices they support there.

But I agree, Roku could be more transparent about all this.  A simple statement on the package saying  "Some channels may not be available in all regions, check with channels of interest" statement, or similar, would go a long way.  The only current package I have for reference, a Roku Ultra 4800, beneath a bunch of channel logos says "Visit to see a full list".  When I go there I am shown information pertinent to my US location, likely because I am connecting from an IP located in the US.  In the lower right of the page in small print I can choose to switch to versions for the other officially supported countries where the available channels may be different.  I'd like to see this option displayed more prominently at the top of the page when you first arrive there.

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