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No Dolby Vision on Prime Video Version 14.0 build 2022072121

Roku Ultra 2020 4800X running 11.0.0 4193-C2  plays UHD and all HDR formats including Dolby Vision, as shown here playing Thor: Ragnarok on Disney+:


Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power on Prime Video indicates that it has Dolby Vision (which is only available with UHD, unlike HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG)


but when played only streams in HDR10+PXL_20220903_220711182.jpg

This behaviour can be replicated with other titles which have played on the same hardware with Dolby Vision such as Amazon's Jack Ryan.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is also available in UHD with Dolby Vision


but plays in HDR10+, not Dolby Vision.

I am uncomfortably reminded of when HBO MAX silently disabled Dolby Vision for a long time with neither the application owner or Roku providing any useful information to their customers, but am optimistic that this issue can be identified and resolved promptly.







Updated after posting to remove issue which resulted from rental being HD, not UHD.

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Re: No UHD or Dolby Vision on Prime Video Version 14.0 build 2022072121

Following some good support from Amazon, it turned out that the rental was of the HD version. After renting the UHD version, it plays with HDR10+, not Dolby Vision.

Re: No Dolby Vision on Prime Video Version 14.0 build 2022072121

This is just to say I am having the same problem. HDR10 instead of Dolby Vision on Amazon Prime no matter what. Amazon explained this is why Wheel of Time looked like garbage on my TV ("explained"—I have serious doubts it was not just a criminally bit-starved stream).


Re: No Dolby Vision on Prime Video Version 14.0 build 2022072121

I just noticed this myself because for the first time, I turned off "HDR on" so the Roku Ultra stopped upconverting everything to 4K Dolby Vision on my LG TV. As others have said, Dolby Vision is fine on HBOmax, Netflix, but on Amazon Prime it only plays Dolby Vision labelled content as HDR. As an experiment, I switched to using the streaming apps built into my LG OLED TV, and now they all stream Dolby Vision, including Amazon Prime, for content so labelled.

So, it seems to be specifically the Amazon Prime app on Roku that has this bug. Not Roku generally nor Amazon Prime generally. Seems like that's enough info for a competent programmer to quickly locate the bug and fix it..

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