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Re: Prime Video Greyed Out in channel store ?

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the posts.

Channel availability/access on Roku devices will vary from region to region. A Roku device will work in any location, however, channels may not be available on your device in that location, based on each channel provider's discretion. For more information, you'd want to contact any specific channel/service provider to inquire further about whether they offer their channel/service on the Roku platform in your region. 

You can reach Amazon Prime Video support here:


Danny R.
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AMAZON Prime is available in the Philippines since 2018, but I cannot find it on my Roku Ultra

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Hello Sir/Madam,

I have searched for many hours on the myriad of subjects for "getting Amazon Prime Video" on the Roku.

My situation is:  I just purchased from the latest ROKU Ultra, delivered to my current residence in the Philippines.

The Roku Ultra installed perfectly without any problems.  But I just don't see the AMAZON Prime Video listed (or "preloaded/pre-packaged").  Netflix, etc. all show up.  I read somewhere it has to be explicitly installed.  But I cannot find any such instructions for such a simple task.

Please help -- would be highly grateful for any advice, tips or guidance.

Thanking you in advance.

Roku Guru

Re: AMAZON Prime is available in the Philippines since 2018, but I cannot find it on my Roku Ultra

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Have you tried adding it at the channel store?


Reel Rookie

Re: AMAZON Prime is available in the Philippines since 2018, but I cannot find it on my Roku Ultra

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Thanks, but when I try that link, it redirects me to

which contains nothing except "ROKU BLOG" at the top, and the usual (website trailer)

        Roku Experience, Products, Support, Company, Partners

at the bottom, nothing "in between".  I am accessing from inside the country of the Philippines.

I don't know why ROKU keeps preventing me from going to the URL given.


Can't download neither Prime Video nor Disney+

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My Roku's model is 3930X - Roku Express and my problem is that I have been trying to download the applications for Prime Video and Disney+, but it has been impossible to find these channels on the store and when I tried to get them by the website, the option  for ¨add channel¨ is just locked. 

I have a friend with the same Roku model like mine but he is able to to all these stuff. 

Can someone please help me and let me know how to solve this issuePrime video.jpg

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Re: Amazon prime does not appear

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Yes this is a big problem. One of the most useful channel is not available. 

Channel Surfer

Re: Amazon prime does not appear

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its not solved. Please stop marking " solved"  topics like this 

We still cant use Amazon Prime channel !!!

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Amazon Prime app missing

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I am unable to locate and install Amazon Prime on my Roku Ultra. I live in South Africa and purchased my Roku from Amazon US. As an steaming option, Amazon Prime is available in my country. I can install and use it on one of my smart TVs. So not a region issue for Amazon. Furthermore, I do not have any search facility on my Roku. All I see on the main page is Home, Streaming Channels and Settings. That's it. Obviously something is amiss. Please provide me with a solution/workaround.

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Amazon Prime

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When will Amazon Prime be available on my Roku device in Australia? 

Why isn't app available in Aus when it's available in other countries?

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Re: Amazon Prime

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Only Amazon can answer that question. Roku does not control where channels are available. Only the channel provider has that control.

Quite often a service (such as Prime Video) is available in a particular country, but the provider hasn't made it available on Roku devices. They need constant prodding to get their developers to enable it. 


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