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New Roku does not have many apps/channels such as ESPN, Hulu, Amazon prime.

I just purchased my roku express+. It is said to have all the major streaming apps. I can’t get find anything, I search in the store and sure enough no Hulu, Amazon prime, ESPN+, HBO max, and many others. It seems rather useless to me at this point. My brother has a Roku which has all of these so I’m rather confused. Anything I’m doing wrong?

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Re: New Roku does not have many apps/channels such as ESPN, Hulu, Amazon prime.


The available of channels/apps available to both Search and Install on the Roku device is determined by geographical location/region

If you are in the US and the above channels/apps are not available, there is a possibility that the Roku account when setup/activated is improperly reporting you in a limited/unsupported region.  

You may have to verify that your IP address is reflecting a US based location (hopefully in the state you are located), and then Factory Reset the Roku device. (You may find you will need to use a new email address so as to get a brand new account as well to start fresh). Some have reported some issues when setting up their Roku devices with cell phone browsers, so maybe try using a laptop/desktop if available to you.  (or try using desktop mode of the cell phone browser for the Roku activation if you have to use phone).


If you are searching on the online Roku Channel Store, navigate to bottom right of screen and make sure you are set to the United States.  If you are seeing the behavior you described on your actual device, (regarding Search and Availability), then likely the device has been improperly setup for your location.

Assuming this is a Roku Express+ (3931). (Your model number can be found at Settings/System/About)

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