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Network error Streambar and SLING

I installed a new streambar on Monday. It was working fine until Wednesday when I could not get into Sling, said there was a network error. After going through the rebooting, unplugging restarting, testing internet connection...all was fine, my cell phone could get into sling but none of the TVs.  I called Sling and spoke with "Michael William". He had me install software "logmeinrescue" on my MAC so he could control my screen. Very uncomfortable with this but it was Sling so I unlocked it. He ran tests and said since I had installed a new piece of equipment I had to talk to a technician for a one time fee to fix the problem. Thinking he was a technician, I was really uncomfortable at this point. I said so and asked what the one time fee was, $149.95! I said, it worked fine for two days this is a scam, you need to unlock it to keep me as a customer, after a long pause, I said, I'm waiting, then he hung up. I went to close my account, and could not get in via my cell phone to do this, I could not get in on my computer so I called a friend and she logged me in on her computer and closed my account. I reported this scam to the FTC, the FL A.G. and now here on Roku. Oh, and I uninstalled the software "logmeinrescue" and relocked my computer. Hope there is no issues there...

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Re: Network error Streambar and SLING

Sling TV - A bunch of Crooks (in my opinion)


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