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Netflix requires update on every use

Every time I want to use Netflix, I have to open the Channel - chose a show. The show fails to load. Then I have to hit home, wait for Roku to crash. Then update the Netflix app - and it works.  I can’t pre fix it by updating first, doesn’t help.

I’ve updated all software. I deleted and reinstalled Netflix. No other channel does this. It happens every time I want to watch Netflix. I have a streambar.  Extremely annoying.  Any ideas?

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Roku Guru

Re: Netflix requires update on every use


You didnt mention your model # or firmware version:  Settings/System/About (this is important information)

You also didnt mention the NF app verssion:  Highlight NF app/Options (*)

When reinstalling an app, the device MUST be restarted before reinstall:

1) Remove NF app.

2) REBOOT RokuSettings/System/Power/System restart/Restart

3) Reinstall NF app.

However, if that doesnt resolve the issue, it sounds like your RokuOS install may be corrupt, in which case you should try a Factory Reset:  Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Factory Reset

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