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Netflix Issues with Roku Express 4k

I'm in Canada on the Telus network. I recently bought a Roku Express 4k and now I am getting Netlifx errors and/or channels not showing up that should be there.

I have talked to Netflix and my ISP. Everything has checked out fine and all other devices connected to Netflix work perfectly. The issue seems to be with the Roku. Though I can sometimes watch shows without getting errors (telling me I'm using a unblocker, proxy or VPN which I am not and have confirmed there are no IP issues through my ISP) some channels won't show up. Netflix has blacklisted the Roku or something?

It's super frustrating as this is my first Roku and it was working ok for a short period of time. The Roku is up to date, the Netflix app is up to date. I've removed it, re-added it, factory reset my Roku — nothing has worked.

Any ideas!?

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Re: Netflix Issues with Roku Express 4k

Same issue here. Netflix stopped working on my Roku Express 4K a few weeks ago.  Other dozen+ apps work fine

Have uninstalled Netflix app. Rebooted(unplugged power/reconnect). fix

Went through troubleshooting with Netflix and ISP (Verizon FIOS) but no fix.

I would appreciate a fix too Roku.

Roku - Could this be related to the issues the recent update has caused for some user?