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Reel Rookie

Netflix Casting from mobile

I am unable to cast to Roku from mobiles without login into Netflix from the Roku device. in my home, we have multiple netflix accounts and everytime it requires the users to log in to Roku separately

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Netflix Casting from mobile


That's how casting works.

With casting, the mobile device (your phone) sends a command to the streaming device  (your Roku) telling it to launch the app (Netflix), load the particular content, and proceed to the corresponding timestamp.

What many think happens is the phone is dong the streaming. They're incorrect. Once you start casting to Roku (or Chromecast, which works the same way), the stream is now from the Roku, which means the Roku app is running. If the app requires you to log in to use, then you must log in to use.

You can confirm this by casting something, then while it's playing on Roku, shut your phone off. The stream will still continue on Roku, because the Roku only got the instructions about streaming from the phone, not the stream itself.

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Roku Guru

Re: Netflix Casting from mobile

@fenfinolhu  Multiple accounts or multiple profiles? Like DB said if you have Netflix on your Roku and Netflix on your phone your not really casting. Your just giving a command to your Roku to start the Netflix channel. Then your Roku takes over 

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Reel Rookie

Re: Netflix Casting from mobile

Actually, in chromecast netflix works without a need or requirement to login in. It passes authentication. similarly, youtube passes authentication to Roku and you will see your username logged in. 

Apparently, Netflix doesn't allow to pass authentication to Roku as youtube does. Netflix support confirmed that only chrome cast supports the option like that.
I wish Roku work with Netflix to support the same.

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