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Multiple devices adding and removing channels

I have multiple devices in my house and need to keep only kid appropriate channels on my kids tv but everytime I delete channels on hers it deletes from the others too how do I put on kids ones on hers? 

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Re: Multiple devices adding and removing channels


All Roku devices on the same Roku account will have the same active library of apps. Add to one, it adds to all. Remove from one, it removes from all.

So, the key is "on the same Roku account." You can set up a new Roku account for the kids' Roku devices. And add a PIN for purchases and new apps to the Kids Account.

That means that if you're subscribing to content via Roku, you won't be able to share the account with the Kids devices. However, you could subscribe directly to the service instead.

For example, if you subscribe to WidgetTV (I made up an example) from your Roku, the Kids Roku won't have access to the account. So you'd cancel your WidgetTV subscription from your Roku Subscriptions page and subscribe to WidgetTV directly. Then, you could log in to WidgetTV on your Roku and on Kids Roku, using the direct subscription credentials.

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