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Missing random episodes of 2 Broke Girls

I can’t even watch 2 broke girls cause it keeps crashing the app

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Re: Missing random episodes of 2 Broke Girls

Has 2 Broke Girls been removed? All I get is the seasons list on the left side of the screen,

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Missing random episodes of 2 Broke Girls

Hi @Clue @Cdesmond.

A warm welcome here in the Roku Community.

We appreciate you for bringing this to our attention. We'd like to know more about this to provide you with an accurate resolution, which requires gathering more details.

May we know who your Internet Service provider is? Are you somehow using a VPN? If so, please be advised that it can cause playback issues or no playback at all. Content providers continue to update their security measures to prevent unauthorized viewing, and it's possible a change was made that prevents your VPN from working. This is by design and intended, but using your standard ISP without the VPN will be the solution here.

Furthermore, we should also consider our current location. It may be possible that it is not (no longer) being supported in your region. Also, a photo of what is being prompted on your screen whenever you search the series 2 Broke Girls would be much appreciated.

We'll be looking forward to your response!

Best regards,

Carly Y.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Missing random episodes of 2 Broke Girls

I wish mods would bother checking themselves first, especially with multiple reports and multiple threads.


 But... Just laid down to bed and it's back!

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