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Max not showing on Home Screen of my Roku Premiere

I recently subscribed to Max directly (not thru Roku).  MAX shows on the home screen for several of my Roku devices, but not on a Roku Premier that I have in the bedroom.  The MAX app runs just fine on the bedroom Roku, and it's clearly installed.  However, the channel does not show on the Home screen.  It also doesn't show when I view Premium channels list on the Roku app/channel.

I've already tried the following:

1. I've deleted channels

2. I've check the Roko OS for any updates.  I'm running 12.x

3. I checked the MAX site regarding any Roku support requirements.  It supports any Roku device running 11 or higher

4. I've done power cycles & resets of the Roku device in the bedroom


Any other suggestions?  I'm not anxious to do a factory reset, but that's the only other option that I can think of


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