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Mass Logins - Residential Care Settinf

I have a multitude of Roku enabled TVs activated under the same Roku account and provide streaming services via an add-on channel. In order to log in to the channel (several channel accounts), is it possible to accomplish this somewhere on the web or in the app? Or must I continue entering channel log in credentials on each device using the remote (a very cumbersome process at large scale)? 

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Re: Mass Logins - Residential Care Settinf


It depends on the app. Some apps utilize the Roku Single Sign On (SSO) process, and logging in to an app on one device will let it automatically log in on other devices on the same Roku account.

If the app doesn't support SSO, you have to log in to each one.

The app should stay logged in, however. Are you saying they don't? If so, is that because users are logging out? Or is the app simply losing the login?

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Re: Mass Logins - Residential Care Settinf

Roku is just not made to address this kind of use case..can't lock it down enough and doesn't support remote device management using "mobile device management" type solutions.

Best you can do is to make a "crib sheet" for you and helpers to log residents back in when it logs out as quickly as possible.

A better (but more expensive) solution would be cheap android type devices that can be managed remotely and more locked down, maybe connecting using a cheap screencasting dongle. The Asus Chromebit stick would have been great for this but is now out of support.

Maybe build a care home streaming device using something like Raspberry PI, bolted onto the back of the TV with a locked down front end, would also support videoconferencing if you added a cheap webcam

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