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List of Followed Content

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to figure out how to find a list of the shows/movies that I've followed on Roku, so that I can have one place to check when I'm in the mood to watch something.

I've googled this topic a ton but can't find a definitive answer except for one link to this forum:, but it seems I'm locked out from seeing it for some reason.

Google show's me a preview of the solution in this page: "If you do and log in to your Roku account there is a section under WHAT'S ON - MY FEED that will list all of the items that you have asked Roku to follow. You can scroll through and UNFOLLOW anything you wish to take off of your list or add additional items to FOLLOW"

Does anyone know how to access the above or know where to find a list of content you've followed?




Re: List of what’s in “MY FEED”

I too, have been trying to find a way to see the list of things I have saved to “MY FEED” on my ROKU TV & ROKU APP ON PHONE. Over the years I’ve checked off to follow movies to watch later but I can’t remember them all and would like to view the entire list to unfollow ones that I’ve watched. Note: MY FEED used to list the first few on my list to give me options to rent/buy or watch for free but it now it no longer even shows anything I’ve checked off to follow so what’s up with that too?? Where or Who can we ask to help?

Binge Watcher

Re: List of what’s in “MY FEED”

I have asked before and I too would like to know where I can find all my "followed movies".  ''My Feed' only shows about 8 and there are a lot more I liked to find if they are free this month.  This issue stinks as nobody knows.