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List all channels that are installed on my Roku

I have reset several rokus lately that were giving me issues.  While doing this I noticed that I see 71 channels installed automatically and 41 actually showing up, and ESPN continously being added after deleting it.  I assume, that they are no longer available, not supported on new hardware, replaced by newer channels after a rename or something.

Is there a way I can see the other channels that are associated with my account, preferably with some indication as to why they don't show up, so I can permanently delete them from my account.

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Re: List all channels that are installed on my Roku


There is no single list of your installed apps. However, if you scroll through the Channel Store Website you can see the apps, and tell which are installed (at least, on supported devices) and which are not.

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Re: List all channels that are installed on my Roku

not being able to see what all are installed in a single list channel store or elsewhere is a seriously lacking ability to do so for ones account