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Re: Language changed on Highway to Heaven

Same thing happened to me today. Guess that’s why it’s free, most junk is.
This issue looks like it’s years old and hasn’t been fixed. Happened to me in the middle of a Highway episode.

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Re: Language changed on Highway to Heaven


It's been more than a year now. Is everyone watching "Highway to Heaven" on other apps?

I just finished season 5 on "another app" as they say. I saw all 111 episodes.

Here's one that I really liked:


Summer Camp (Season 5, Episode 10 • Drama, TV-PG, 14-Jul-1989)

Angel-on-Earth Jonathan sends a very famous and beautiful movie actress to a summer camp for the blind to find herself (not her movie personae). She finds more than she was expecting in this powerful drama that will leave you saying, "Wow!"

Also, it was neat to see Bob Hope as an angel in "Heaven Nose, Mr. Smith" (S4 E23).


H2H was an exciting ride for five seasons. I loved almost every single episode. I like that Jonathan had "angel powers" but they didn't over do it. A little subtle "angel intervention" here and there, but mostly, it was people talking to each other and working out their problems person to person. Occasionally, the "moral lessons" came off a little too strong ("Don't pollute the environment"). But overall and in general, these are all well-written and well-acted human stories that afterward will leave you feeling just a little better about humanity and maybe just a little closer to, well, heaven. Thank you Michael Landon and Victor French for doing this.

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