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Is there anyway to keep Youtube from timing out?

Hello.  This is one of my first posts on here.  I was wondering, is there anyway to get my YouTube to stay open?  For example my wife and I will fall asleep to 10+ hour long videos of Thunderstorms.  I need the constant sound to stay sound asleep or else I wake up very early and do not get a goodnight's sleep.  Every night it turns off on us.  I have noticed occasionally before it decides to shut off that there is the option to not do that for that channel, and every time I get to the remote to late.   This time my wife had the remote and clicked the wrong option before I could tell her which one to click.  Is there anyway that I could change the setting manually?  Or do I have to wait for that option to pop back up again?  I have the Roku Express (3900 series) .  Please help me, this just caused my BPD to act up because I have not been sleeping and I really need some help here.

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Re: Is there anyway to keep Youtube from timing out?

YT is entirely coded/controlled by Google, so you'd need to contact them about making that setting generally accessible:

Otherwise, make sure you have Roku's bandwidth saver disabled:

Settings/Network/Bandwidth saver=off