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Is Peacock's "Tokyo Live" channel the same as the actual NBC live channel?

I don't have live TV on my Roku, and I wanted to watch some Olympics.  So I paid $5 for a month the Peacock app. The only live coverage I see is a few hours in the early morning on the Peacock channel they highlight called, "Tokyo Live."  

I am wondering if this is the same exact thing that viewers of traditional NBC are seeing at the same time?  It's hard to believe, because the couple guys, Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila, hosting it put on such a horrible show.  But there is no "NBC Live" channel at all on Peacock (at least right now with the Olympics on) that I can find in Peacock, and I've searched every channel.

Can someone who is a Peacock user who knows the answer let me know if 1) traditional NBC users are seeing the same thing I am seeing on Tokyo Live, and 2) if not, why can't I get the straight NBC live channel.

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