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If Roku wants to punish Spectrum, they should carry their app

This point may have been made before and elsewhere but maybe not in this way.  Many of us don't know what the exact nature of the dispute is between Roku and Charter/Spectrum but it is very upsetting to many of us.  It is unfortunate for many of us that want to use our Roku's to ditch our cable boxes and hence our monthly rental charges.  Congress supposedly passed legislation to open up the standards to allow consumers to purchase cable boxes so that they wouldn't have to rent their boxes from the cable companies and yet the electronics companies haven't moved in to capitalize and those markets failed to materialize.

Here is where Roku can step in and save us.  If Roku wants to help us deprive C/S of the revenue associated with thousands of cable boxes and justify the sales of Roku boxes instead of keeping cable box rentals, it should continue to offer the Spectrum app.  If Spectrum is charging too much for the app, they should offer to take over development.  Spectrum still has an incentive because it still encourages cable subscription rate payers.  There are still of millions of non-smart TVs out there, many with cable boxes (have you see the prices of composite-supporting Rokus on eBay - people still want to support their old tube TVs - if it works, why replace it?).  Those represent a market for Rokus, deprive Spectrum of a revenue stream and serves the cord cutters, the overall direction of the market.

Roku has a market, they just need to serve it.

-Rocky714 - a user who wants to rid himself of more cable boxes

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