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IMDb TV just froze in the middle of a show we're watching

We started watching a movie a little bit ago we're about 15 minutes into it. I'm guessing that it wants to do a commercial break and instead of advancing to that it's just stuck the screen says loading if we hit pause we can see different scenes in the movie so we can jump forward or back but it will not play anymore. When I hit pause I see these little dots on the progress bar which I'm assuming you're supposed to be commercial breaks but it's not loading the commercial at all.

We have a TCL Roku TV.

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Re: IMDb TV just froze in the middle of a show we're watching


Sometimes the ads from different services can cause issues. It's not what I'd call common, but it happens.

Restart the Roku device. For Roku TV, that's Settings > System > Power > System Restart > Restart

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