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I am subscribed with the starz app through my cable plan

So I have cable and I am trying to watch a movie on my Roku tv. All off my other TVs are not smart TVs so I have cable boxes for them. Why does Roku want me to still pay to watch a movie from my cable subscription. I already pay 265 dollars. I am upset about that and no I will not enter my debit card information for this television. 

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Re: I am subscribed with the starz app through my cable plan

Your subscription is with your cable company, not with Starz.  Had you subscribed to Starz through your Roku account, you could watch it on Roku but not on your cable.

Many cable-type channels have made provisions for people to stream through a different system if they can prove they are paying for the channel through a tv provider.

When you go into the Starz app on your Roku:

  1. Click on LOG IN near the upper right corner.

  2. Using the internet browser on your computer or mobile device, follow the instructions on the left side to link the Starz app to your cable account.  Follow any additional instructions on your computer or mobile device to complete the login.. 





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Re: I am subscribed with the starz app through my cable plan

1. I have subscriptons to the traditional premium channels through my cable company, which has not changed for over 22 years.

2.  On Roku, I periodically must renew/synchronize my Roku with my cable company subscriptions,

3. THat means, that, at least for the 8 (eight) years I've used Roku, when I want to watch Starz, Showtime, HBOMax, etc, I try playing that channel, and it asks me to link to my able company, log in to my cable company, then it also asks to enter the code once it's verified the subscriptions through the cable company, much like getting a code by phone or text when logging into a website that has a second layer of security.

4. Once the code is entered, the TV or computer say it's successfully validated,

5. However, the reason I'm on this site today is because while HBOMax, Showtime and others are running fine on Roku though I subscribe through my cable company, STARZ, however, stopped working a couple days ago after having worked for 8 years, so I was looking for a solutioin.

Apparenty, it's not just me, except there doesn't appear to be a solution. There also doesn'tb,  appear to be ANY sort of communication, post, notice about a change to system. Therefore, I ask for a bit more research from Roku, and a solution -- and if this changed, please direct me to the notice in change of terms of service, online, via email, or snail mail.