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Hulu and Roku live channels stopped working on Roku

I use Hulu on two Roku 3 devices and a smart TV (not simultaneously) for a year. Today suddenly I have problems with operating Hulu on the Roku devices, while the smart TV operating on the same network is OK with Hulu. From time to time the screen says, "Network error...." or "We are having trouble playing this...". I press OK and sometimes the playing comes back, sometimes I have to restart the live channel. Sometimes I am asked to log on again on Hulu. Please don't tell me to remove, reinstall, restart etc. I did everything, removed/added Hulu, restarted the Roku box and the cable router etc. I also see that the Roku live channels do not load their icons, and if I select one, then it comes with "Network error".

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Re: Hulu and Roku live channels stopped working on Roku

I'm having the same problem on both of my Roku's.  Suddenly it wont connect or play anything and I have excellent internet connection.  Super bummed I can't get any tech support  by phone!

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Re: Hulu and Roku live channels stopped working on Roku

@rvincentzio @cg62

Thanks for the posts.

When removing a channel, it's important to restart the Roku device before adding the channel back again. Specifically in that order.

Please keep us posted what you find out and we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
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