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Reel Rookie

How to block Fox News

I read that Roku and fox spews are having a tuffle , then I started I seeing **bleep**er Carlson on my home page , I haven’t found a way to block this propaganda **bleep** . It’s the main reason I and many others who don’t indulge in right wing hate media, cut our cable . If roku is allowing fox to come back I will cancel and sell my roku streaming devices . Fox News is abhorrent and spews racist content as a platform for trump and right wingers. I will not tolerate this for one sec. but now i see tucker Carlson on my home page . This is disgusting . How to block this insane propagandist media? 

Roku Guru

Re: How to block Fox News

Use Ignore 1.0, EyeShut 1.0, or Switch Channel/Input Basic 1.0

Clearly, the most rational choice would be to throw away your Rokus because an app/content exists that you dont have installed/watch.


Community Streaming Expert

Re: How to block Fox News

Fox News has always been available on Roku. That is nothing new. If you're referring to the ads seen on the Roku home screen, there's nothing you can do about those. That's part of Roku's revenue stream, so keep the price of the players lower.

As long as you don't install the channel, you're doing nothing to support them. It's no different that seeing a billboard on the side of the road, or the side of a bus. It's simply advertising, and you simply choose to ignore it. Just don't install the channel.


Roku Community Streaming Expert

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Re: How to block Fox News

Close your eyes!!

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