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Re: How do I remove LGBTQ stuff from my Kids seeing it?

@torrlisand67 wrote:

If I'm not mistaken there are parental controls available thru the settings menu. 

Nope, there are no parental controls on the device itself.

The only "parental" controls are that you can add a PIN to block the installation of channels or making any online purchase. There are also some limited parental controls on the user web site ( under the PIN menu, but that ONLY controls content viewable on The Roku Channel. It has no control over any other channel, and based on the information on their support page doesn't control ads on the home screen either. 


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Re: How do I remove LGBTQ stuff from my Kids seeing it?

You pretty much nailed it. When politricks are joined at the hip with big media, we all end up finding our way through the slime.

I pretty much select the channels that are kid appropriate for them when my granddaughters come to visit.

The TV is not a baby-sitter, we are.

Reel Rookie

Re: How do I remove LGBTQ stuff from my Kids seeing it?

Wow. Just…wow lol



Re: How do I remove LGBTQ stuff from my Kids seeing it?

If you truly don't want your kids watching certain programming, then commandeer the remote. Take FULL control over what your kids watch.

FYI: Gay programming doesn't make your kids gay. They are or they aren't.

I'd be more worried about them seeing too much violence in films.


Re: How do I remove LGBTQ stuff from my Kids seeing it?


Because of my Muslim background and my kids how can all the LGBT whatever stuff be removed from my devices? 

I hear you.  Because of my LGBTQ+ background I want my kids to see certain shows too.  Mostly educational shows.  You know, shows about courageous people like Malala Yousafzai as well as shows on how intolerant people violently murder LGBTQ human beings in the middle of the street in broad daylight in certain countries as way to stoke fear.  It would be easy to blame Roku for choosing to put LQBTQ+ programming on TV.  But I always end up blaming the same group of people.  Heterosexuals.  After all it is because of their lifestyle choices that give us LQBTQ+ human beings anyway, right.  Finally, I would want my kids to watch things so that they understand their surroundings.  Such as the difference between ProLife and pro-lives!  The same states where LQBTQ+ human beings are least desired are the same states where women who committed heterosexual acts are forced to give birth and allow the LQBTQ+ population to grow, in a country that has a history of not being able to provide baby formula.  Perhaps my kids will be watching Roku to learn about a shooting at the LQBTQ+‘s school by the time LQBTQ+ youth is the age of 8.

Binge Watcher

Re: How do I remove LGBTQ stuff from my Kids seeing it?

Great answer parents still need to be aware of what kids are doing. Parenting is a job and you have step up to do it. It will take time out of your life so not ready don't step up. 

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Re: Can LGBTQ content be made optional? Can it be turned off?

I agree. I don't want to see it or my children. 

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