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How do I get the roku page to show up?

Constant Reset in order to watch

I have to reset every time I want to watch—enter IDs, passwords, email using loud slow voice, running back & forth from device to computer, the whole rigamarole--and most of the time even that doesn’t work.

I cant even get the roku page!

I’ve managed to watch 2 movies in the last month; wouldn’t even dare try a series. Roku express 4K+ plugged directly into wall, light is blue with a little red edge. Sharp Aquos TV. At my wit's end. I’m 81 and pretty smart but don’t have time to become an expert on all these articles. If I have to hire someone, what is the name of the profession I’m looking for? HELP!

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Roku Guru

Re: How do I get the roku page to show up?

You can usually get to the home page by pressing the home button on the remote.  (The button with a house icon in the upper right.)  Does that help?  You've described a bunch of activities but it wasn't clear to me what caused you to do all those things.  It sounds like you are doing a lot of factory resets but I couldn't tell why.

If you're just switching the TV to the input with the Roku  and seeing blackness, try the home button.  There's also a power saving feature that causes this blackness.  Apparently it saves a few watts but it can be turned off if having to press  Home bugs you.  If that's the problem - I'm kind of guessing.


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Binge Watcher

Re: How do I get the roku page to show up?

I'm sorry, I guess I should have mentioned that I've been pressing the home button. This is not my first Roku.

Where is the power-saving feature? Maybe if I could turn that off...


Community Streaming Expert

Re: How do I get the roku page to show up?

@chrigid, it's under Settings->System->Power, but not all Roku models will have it.

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