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How can I watch NHL hockey games on ESPN? App not working

Big hockey fan and the only reason I was paying these people was to watch our games. Anyway my app stopped working and the technical support call center is no help. 

I cancelled yesterday but have the rest of the month so. I tried to call again today as the previous day they asked for my IP address and I was uncomfortable giving it to them.

I only called them today and was willing to give it to them because I saw a post online from other Roku users who said they do some thing with the IP‘s to allow access to your accounts. They were giving me the runaround spewing all kinds of lies about being from Detroit we know that’s not true and to go on websites I’ve never heard of and run tests on my device myself and to give them my address which I have never ever done before.  

I'm beyond exhausted and annoyed but wanted to document this, and if you are a Hulu user who enjoys sports. Don’t watch via Roku.

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Roku Guru

Re: ESPN APP not working in roku.

It is ok for you to give your public IP address to ESPN. I have an ESPN+ plus subscription on a couple of Roku TVs, but it appears that the problem is with the Roku Premier streaming devices. If the same issue started to happen my TVs that happens to your Roku Premier, then I would give my public IP address in a heartbeat to ESPN.  

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