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How can I watch BBC World News?


I am trying to watch BBC World News from the USA and I am hitting a few problems. Previously, I have read that BBC News has a private channel and you can connect that to Roku. However, I am unable to find the Channel code to connect this and I am unsure if BBC News and BBC World News have the same or different channel codes.

I have also read that I might be able to access BBC World News through options like Sling TV or Youtube TV. Sure this is an option but it means signing up for another digital streaming service. Can anyone clarify how I can watch BBC World News on Roku?

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Re: How can I watch BBC World News?

I get it from my local PBS station. (As individual shows, not a full-time channel.)

Here's how BBC says you can get it.

I also see references to a private channel, but they seem to be old and private channels tend to come and go quite often. 

Here's another site worth checking:

Please let us know if you find additional/better options.

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