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Re: How can I remove channels on one roku, not all?

If I would’ve known this, I would’ve never purchased Roku devices. It’s a poor design feature in general but at minimum it should at least be able to be turned off. I like to have apps such as YouTube on the device in my bedroom but I don’t want that available to my child on their Roku tv. I hope this is changed, it’s annoying to now have to reset my child’s tv and create a new roku account because of this.


Re: How can I remove channels on one roku, not all?

The Roku employees reply was no help.  We don't want answers as to why, we want a solution.  I should be able to have all my devices on 1 account, but limit the apps on my child's Roku.  FIX it! Make it an option to either sync apps or not.  We already know we currently can't so your reply was a waste of time.

@RokuMary-F wrote:

Hi @mduffy215,

We appreciate your contact and feature request.

Currently, if you link multiple Roku devices to a single Roku account, the channels and purchases will be the same on each device. When a channel is added or removed on one device, the channel is automatically added or removed on all devices linked to that account that support the channel.

I've provided some links below to go into further detail:

How do I remove channels from my Roku® streaming device? | Official Roku Support

Do I need a separate Roku account for each of my Roku® streaming devices? | Official Roku Support

Please keep us posted if you need further assistance or clarification.

Many thanks,




Re: How can I remove channels on one roku, not all?

I am having the same issue, I don't want certain devices to have YouTube because of my kids either. I want this fixed too! There are many channels I want on my own Roku but don't want in my livingroom where my toddler has control of the remote.

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Re: How can I remove channels on one roku, not all?

Me too!!!

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Re: How can I remove channels on one roku, not all?

It's pretty clear that it's not likely to ever be "fixed".  The solution is to have multiple Roku accounts.  There's a place for suggestions, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Suggest a Feature | Roku Community | Roku

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Re: How can I remove channels on one roku, not all?

This company was off to such a great start. It's a prime example of why their stock price is in the tank. This is a simple request that has so many useful purposes to the end user. I made the mistake of committing to going all Roku throughout my house. I have an app that needs to be reinstalled on one tv but I dont feel like going through the app registration process on 10 other tvs in the house. Since Roku knows best for the customer Im stuck with not simply being able to reinstall it on the affected one.

Keep your stupid mindset about this issue but give the customer the OPTION to disable it! 

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