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Hiding Roku channel ads??

As someone with a snake phobia, I’m so over the reptile king ads that have been on my Home Screen for months. I’ve tried to hide these ads but it seems like Roku channel ads cannot be hidden. Is there a solution I’m not aware of, or is it time to buy a non-Roku device so I can actually relax when watching tv?

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Re: Hiding Roku channel ads??

I just responded (1) below to reply (2) by Roku Community Support, waiting for his response.

(1) Hello, can you please tell us how to "just highlight the ad", I checked online it says "Select the ad using the directional pad on your Roku remote" then it says on new Roku remotes that's the OK button. so I clickedthe OK button when the Roku Commercial I want to hide shows up, then I clicked star, I don't get pop windows that gives the option to hide it, instead I am taken to TV Settings to Sleep Screen etc.

(2) @Andreajanelle , and welcome to the Roku Community! We've introduced a new feature and wanted to tell you about it. Your preferences are important to us, and good news, you can now "skip" an ad on the Home Screen if it isn't to your liking. Just highlight the ad, press the * button on your remote, and choose the option to "Hide this ad," and press the OK button on your remote.

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Re: Hiding Roku channel ads??

How can I get a channel back on my tv

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