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Are your Roku channels not working? Find troubleshooting tips for adding/removing channels, logging in, authentication, activation, playback issues, and more.
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Help & Support with Channel Issues

Where to Find Channels on Roku:
How do I use the Roku Channel Store to access my favorite movies, TV shows and more?

How to add and remove channels:

How do I add channels to my Roku® streaming device?
How do I remove channels from my Roku® streaming device?

As a reminder, if you add a channel on one Roku device, this channel will be added to all supported devices linked to your Roku account. 

Channel troubleshooting

If a specific channel is not properly working, it's possible there may be an issue within the channel itself that the service provider will need to investigate. Content is managed by each channel provider directly. If you observe an issue with any particular movie or TV show inside a particular streaming channel, you'll need to contact the channel provider to report this issue and request more help. 

Follow these steps in order: 

  1. Navigate to the channel tile on the Roku home screen, press the * key on your remote, and choose 'Remove channel'.
  2. Next, restart your device from Settings>System>System restart.
  3. Once your player starts up again, go to 'Streaming Channels' on the Home screen, and add the channel back once more.

We'd also recommend refreshing your home network connection by rebooting your wireless router and/or internet modem, if you are experiencing an issue with a channel loading content. 

If that still doesn't clear up the issue, we recommend contacting the channel provider directly to follow-up for more help. They’ll be able to best assist with any issues that are occurring within their channel.

Signing Into Channels & Authenticating TV Provider Channels:

How do I set up my subscription channels on a second Roku® streaming device?
Can I watch movies and TV shows available with my cable, satellite, or TV provider subscription?

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