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Having issues with some of the channels

We have subscription for Hallmark channel and it's not letting us veiw the shoes live. We also are having issues with a local channel CBS and Disney Now. We got rid of our cable but still have the internet through xfinity and it's not letting us get the channels.

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Re: Having issues with some of the channels

Disney Now says “cable or satellite subscription required” so obviously that one is out but try Disney+.  Likewise, try Parmount+ instead of your cable-oriented CBS.  HallmarkTV also says “cable or satellite subscription required”.  Perhaps “Hallmark Movies Now” is suitable?

(In case it’s not clear: “cable subscription” means cable TV subscription. Content providers don’t care about a cable internet subscription, because they get no money at all from  that.)

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Re: Having issues with some of the channels

I see two Hallmark channels in the Roku Channel Store - Hallmark TV and Hallmark Movies Now .  Hallmark TV requires a cable/satellite subscription and Hallmark Movies Now is video on demand.  Without cable I doubt you'll be able to watch Hallmark live.

Disney Now also requires a cable subscription.  Disney+ is available as a subscription without cable.

As far as I can tell the channels that require a cable subscription are there just so you can get them without a cable box connected to the TV.  They don't generally offer a way to get them without paying for cable.  It's probably an agreement they have with the cable companies.

As for CBS, I get it by connecting an antenna to my TV.

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