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Reel Rookie

Hallmark movies now hangs on splash screen

The app works on iOS and Firestick, but hangs at the splash load screen on all roku devices (ultra, TCL roku tv.  I have rebooted the roku devices, tv’s, and router; no help.  Removed and re-added the app; no help.  Any insight or suggestions?  Hallmark Movies Now seems to be the only app affected.

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Roku Guru

Re: Hallmark movies now hangs on splash screen

I tested the HMN app and its loading on all my devices (8 different models).

When reinstalling an app, you MUST RESTART the Roku before re-adding the app:

1) Remove Hallmark Movies Now app

2) RESTART the Roku

3) Reinstall Hallmark Movies Now app

(If you dont restart the Roku, app settings (including any bad/corrupt ones) remain behind and are "added back" when the app is reinstalled)

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