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Hallmark movies now channel

I subscribed to Hallmark Movies Now channel thru Roku and am being charged on my credit card. Last night I tried to log onto that channel and it said I had no account.  So when you subscribe thru Roku to a premium channel, do you always have to access it through Roku or is it supposed to work if you accesss the channel directly?  I went ahead and signed up with the direct channel too so now I guess I'm being charged twice for the same channel but not sure how to resolve.

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Roku Guru

Re: Hallmark movies now channel

As a general rule, when you subscribe to something via Roku, or other platforms, your subscription is only known to that platform.  If you use multiple platforms, sign up with the content provider directly.  It is indeed possible to sign up for (and pay for) the same content multiple ways, so you’ll want to cancel one of your subscriptions. 

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