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HELP! Stanley Cup Playoffs... how do I watch these on Roku in Canada?!

I want the simplest way to do this in Canada. NHL.TV subscription? Or what? I really don't get it. I did purchase  SportsNetNow but it's not available on Roku..

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Re: HELP! Stanley Cup Playoffs... how do I watch these on Roku in Canada?!


The Roku Blog has an article on some various channels/apps available on Roku platform in order to stream NHL Games.

However, since you already have SportsNetNow, you can either watch it through their app and cast it to your Roku device or load it on a laptop through a web browser and then connect it directly to your TV via HDMI cable.


Not sure about the Stanley Cup playoffs though, as the 2023 coverage is through ABC, ESPN, TNT, TBS and Hulu.  TNT has the Stanley Cup Finals so not too sure how that works with SportsNet and other carriers showing the games.

Seems like you should use the Sportnet subscription and cast it to your Roku device for the regular season and then plan on subscribing to a service available in Canada that carries the above networks just for the playoffs. (most/almost all  of the channels/apps are month to month subscriptions).  

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