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HBO Max Automatically Logged In to All Devices

Due to the content on the channel, I only want my HBO Max on one of my Roku devices so it's not accessible on the Rokus that my kids use.  Roku automatically installs any channel I install on all of the devices, which is annoying, but acceptable.  However, I believe HBO Max is the ONLY channel of any of my streaming services that also LOGS ME IN to the channel on all devices when I log in on one.  Logging in on each device is time consuming, but only has to be done once. 

For privacy reasons, I also don't like it that Roku stores the channel subscription login information for all of my streaming services in their cloud.  That's a data privacy breach waiting to happen that will cause a LOT of headaches.  It would be nice if we could at least opt out of this option. 

I'm hoping there are settings I'm not aware of that will allow me to have or be logged in to HOB Max on only one of my Roku devices.  Am I missing something?

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Re: HBO Max Automatically Logged In to All Devices

It's a little bit funny, but you're the first person I've seen that didn't want to be automatically logged in.  I've seen several complaints about having to log in on each device for various services.  You've alluded to one solution - create separate Roku accounts for you and your children.  I'm no expert when it comes to HBO Max, but if you've subscribed through Roku then it will be automatically available on all your Roku devices linked to the same Roku account.  If you subscribe directly through HBO Max then you should have to log in on each device.  I say should because HBO Max is obviously screwy with their login.  There have been many people asking why their HBO Max channel was automatically logged into someone else's account and when I saw your post I thought your were one more.

In short, if you're paying through Roku, cancel that subscription and subscribe directly through HBO.  If you're already subscribed directly through HBO then let me know so that I can stop giving bad advice.  Smiley Happy

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