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HBO Max Apple subscription not recognized on Roku app

I'm having an issue with the HBO Max application on my Roku.  Basically we've signed up for HBO Max through Apple subscriptions but over and over again when we try to use the HBO Max App on our Roku 3 it tells us we need to Renew our subscription even though we are logged in with our account that should have a subscription.  

Usually we try the following:

- Log out of our HBO Max account

- Uninstall the HBO Max app

- Reboot the Roku

- Install the HBO Max app

- Log back into our HBO Max account

But now the steps above still left us with the Renew Subscription button when we attempt to watch any content and it's VERY frustrating.  Anyone know how to fix this issue or have this problem?

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Level 20

Re: HBO Max Apple subscription not recognized on Roku app

Asked to subscribe or renew when already subscribed

Restore your app store purchase

If you signed up using the HBO Max app on an Apple, Android, Amazon Fire, or Samsung TV device, try restoring your app store purchase. Here's how:

  1. Open the HBO Max app on the device where you started your subscription (phone, tablet, or TV).
  2. Play a show or movie.
  3. If you're not signed in, choose the sign-in option and sign in to your account. If you can't sign in, see Restore purchase.
  4. Asked to subscribe or renew?
    • Android phone: Choose Tap here if you already subscribed and then tap Google Play on the next screen.
    • Android or Amazon Fire tablet: Choose Tap here if you already subscribed and then View All Providers. Choose the first provider in the list: Google Play if you're using an Android tablet, or Amazon Appstore if you're using an Amazon Fire tablet.
    • Other device: Choose the Restore Purchase option.

If we find an active HBO Max subscription in the app store, we'll restore it. If we don't find a subscription, see Can't Verify Your Subscription.

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