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Gravitas movies won't let me log in

Gravitas movies says I already have a current trial period going, but when I try to watch a movie it says I don't have an account.  So it can't decide whether I do or not.  And as per usual there is no decent FAQ page with anything close to my question...

I reached out to Roku for support and here I am getting no real support either.

No one has a decent phone number with a tech support human to walk you through anything, and yet we are all hog-tied to technology engineered by people who can't get anything ready before it goes to market.

I just think it's time to find a new streaming service and ditch Roku all together.

I'm reading that a lot of customers are as upset about this as much as I might want to pay attention to what is upsetting your customers,'s very easy to become Tomorrow's un-used garbage.

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Re: Gravitas movies won't let me log in


If you decide you want to change streaming devices, then sure, go ahead. But consider donating a non-longer-needed Roku device to someone rather than filling up a landfill.

As for your issue, you essentially spent one sentence on it and a bunch of sentences complaining. If you're simply complaining, fine, I'll move on. If you want help, I and other Roku users are here to try to help. But, we need more information about the issue.

What is the Roku model number and OS? Settings > System > About

How are you accessing the app/service? This may seem like a confusing question, but here's why I'm asking.

Generally, there are a few different ways to access content. Not all ways apply to all, but the landscape changes on a regular basis, so details will be helpful.

There is a Gravitas app for Roku. The app description says "SERVICE MAY REQUIRE ADDITIONAL FEES" indicating it's a subscription service. You can subscribe directly to the service, or you can subscribe via Roku. And those subscriptions are not interchangeable.

If you subscribe directly to the service, you can use your subscription credentials to log in to the app. You can watch on Roku, or on any other device.

If you subscribe through Roku, you are limited to using it only on Roku.

This doesn't apply to Gravitas, but could apply to other services. Roku Channel also has premium services available. Subscriptions there can only be used on Roku Channel.

So, ruling out Roku Channel (I don't see Gravitas as a subscription service there), you could be attempting to use the app, and the two different subscription methods there could be confusing. You may indeed have a trial subscription either through Gravitas or via Roku Pay, but not on the other.

If you go to and log in, then go to the Manage your subscriptions page, you can check to see if you have a subscription via Roku Pay. Note that Roku Channel subscriptions will appear there too (but not applicable for Gravitas). If there is a subscription there, you have a Roku-based subscription. If not, then you don't. However, you could have one directly at Gravitas.

One other thing. Gravitas has live streams and/or on-demand content available free on Roku Channel (no subscription, but free live stream is available), Plex app, and Sling TV (free tier). It's not as much content as a subscription service, but it is free.

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Re: Gravitas movies won't let me log in

I am having the exact same issue and cannot watch the movie that I signed up for free trial to watch, this channel is horrible

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Re: Gravitas movies won't let me log in

Hey @Nvent2000

Thanks for the post.

We do not have enough details from your original message to make an effective suggestion. Could you tell us specifically about the issue you're experiencing?

With more information, we can assist you further.

All the best,

Kariza D.
Roku Forum Moderator
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