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Reel Rookie

Ghost Adventures screaming room

hello, see you have season 1-2 of Ghost Adventures screaming room. Can't you also try to get season 3 in?? from Trine

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Community Moderator

Re: Ghost Adventures screaming room

Hi @Trine,

We appreciate your post and your suggestion. For channels or content requests, you'll want to contact the channel provider directly to inquire about the channel's functionality or request that they make their content available on the Roku platform. The channel providers develop and maintain media and apps on the Roku platform.

Let us know if you have other inquiries.


Nadee K.
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Reel Rookie

Re: Ghost Adventures screaming room

ok, and where do I do it??

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Re: Ghost Adventures screaming room


Looks like Season 3 of Screaming Room just started 10/11/23.  I am not sure how Discovery+ works, but it is showing/listing 2 Seasons (on both Roku and on the Discovery+ website (  Season 3 was not listed under the "Coming Soon" by the way.

If you search for Ghost Adventures Screaming on your Roku device, you should see two Results. (one shows Discovery+ and the 2 seasons; the other shows 3 Seasons and different channels/apps showing them).  Many of these are "Go" channels/apps so mainly require a TV provider, ie. cable/satellite or a cable-alternative subscription.  Currently, I see that Fubo is carrying Season 3.  Can also purchase episodes from Amazon and AppleTV.

This article mentioned playing on Discovery Channel so likely need to look for cable-alternative (like Fubo) that carries Discovery Channel in order to watch Season 3 at this point. (

Contact info for Disocvery+ is here if it helps

This may be a case that the Season has to complete its run on the live TV offerings before it becomes available to Discovery+ and others. (again, I am not sure since I do not subscribe to Discovery+ and don't know how they add content; other than what their website says is available in their library).

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