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Frankspeech Channel Video Freezes - Audio Plays on

The video on my Frankspeech channel constantly freezes while the audio continues to play on. I've tried updating the channel and removing it and then reinstalling it. Neither fix works. My Frankspeech works fine if I cast it from my PC or phone to my TV so what's the problem with it on Roku?



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Re: Frankspeech Channel Video Freezes - Audio Plays on


Different platforms use different operating systems. That mean the same code for one app cannot be used on a different platform. A totally separate app has to be written.

Also, depending on the size of the service, they may offer separate servers for different platform.

So, the app could be buggy for one platform. The servers could experience issues with one platform. And, since the apps are built by the service (or a developer contracted by the service), and the services belong to the service (or are leased by the service), you should contact Frankspeech about the issue.

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