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Fox News on You Tube TV channel on Roku

Hi Coomunity


here's my question for techies which I am not.  Only Fox News channel on the You Tube TV -Roku channel buffers a lot.  No other You Tube TV channel does, nor Netflix, nor Paramount Plus, etc.


Why?  and how do I fix?  I've unplugged the power from the wall and waited and restarted.  I've done a system restart,etc.  It to my min is not a hardware problem or I would have buffering issues across the board with channels or all You Tube channels.


Comments and help suggestions very much appreciated.  Thanks-Dennis

Roku Guru

Re: Fox News on You Tube TV channel on Roku

If you are having issues with a network on YouTube TV it has nothing to do with Roku. Google is the developer of YouTube TV. But since the issue is only with one network then it is also not a Google issue. It is a server issue with Fox news. Probably temporary. But nothing can be done about it.

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