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Reel Rookie

Favorite channels not working as it use to

Once you select your favorite channels can you watch only your favorite channels? Seems now when you want to switch from one favorite channel to another favorite channel you need to select favorite channels again?

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Re: Favorite channels not working as it use to

Hello @REHU

Thanks for posting here in the Community.

Please be aware that the Auto Favorites feature has been moved to the Recent Channels view. Furthermore, the All Channels view will no longer be ordered by the channels in Auto Favorites.

You will be able to display and hide OTA and OTT streaming channels. Visit our Support page for more information: How do I find TV listings using Live TV Channel Guide?

We look forward to having additional channel management features in the future.


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Reel Rookie

Re: Favorite channels not working as it use to

Have no idea what you are trying to say.

If I choose favorites, I just want to stay on my favorites. If I want all channels , news etc I know how to go there.

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Re: Favorite channels not working as it use to


When Roku redesigned the Guide for both the Roku Streaming channels and the OTA/Antenna, they kind of broke the functionality/utility of Managing Channels.

The old way was to use the * button on the Roku Remote and select the "Favorites" option.  This would allow the Guide to only load the channels you added to Favorites.  This way if you pressed the Left arrow button (to bring up the guide), you would stay in the Favorites Guide.  Or, while watching a channel, if you pressed the Up or Down buttons, it would cycle between the channels in the Favorites Guide.

The new way requires you to use the Left arrow to back out of the channel (again bringing up the guide), navigate to the left sidebar, select Favorites icon again, and then choose another channel from within the Favorites.  Basically, the Favorites menu is no longer "sticky".  

Part of the issue is that when you press the Left arrow button to bring up the guide, the Favorites is not at the top so you can just easily select another Favorited channel.  It defaults to All Channels.  You then have to arrow down past All Channel, Recents, Recommended, and then Favorites.  Then you need to press Right arrow button again to enter the channels list and then arrow up or down to select a Favorited channel.

The Roku team unnecessarily complicated the procedure with this guide update.  If they just allowed the sidebar to scroll to the last selection, it would be a big improvement. (ie. If user selects Favorites, then Favorites should be cycled to the top so when the user wants to switch to another Favorited channel, the Favorites selection is right there.  You wouldn't have to start scrolling down to look for the Favorites guide again.)


I think what @RokuKarla was intimitating, was that you could select "Recents" as kind of a shortcut to the Favorites.  (the Recents automatically includes your Favorites, but also includes anything else you may have chosen during a session).  Basically saves you a couple of scrolling steps, but does not confine the channels to your Favorites.

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