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Fast Forward using Spectrum hanging up

When fast forwarding using Spectrum, if I do it a couple of times the Roku hangs up and I have to push the back button to reset to where I was when I started the fast forwards. How do I stop the from happening?  It usually happens after I do a couple of fast forwards to go through commercials.  Since we can't see where we are in the fast forward, if I hit play and the commercial is still on I fast forward again.  After a few times the Roku takes me back to the show selection screen and I have to hit resume and end up going back to the place that I originally started the fast forward from.  How do I stop this from happening?

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Re: Fast Forward using Spectrum hanging up

Roku does not develop the Spectrum channel. Spectrum is the developer therefore you should reach out to them for any assistance. But the Channel is actually full of bugs from what I’ve seen. 

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