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Extra commercials being inserted into programs

I use several Rokus to stream Sling TV, and have noticed recently an issue with MSNBC. When streaming in the evening, the programs such as All In and Rachel Maddow are cut into segments with commercial breaks between. Lately, when the break ends, instead of the program beginning, I'm given a couple more commercials and then the program begins with a missing segment. At first I thought it was Sling doing this, but streaming using a smart TV or Amazon Fire Stick doesn't do that. Is Roku doing this? Anyone else notice this? BTW I have video of this happening.

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Re: Extra commercials being inserted into programs

Hello @gmarentette

Thanks for posting here in the Community!

Please be advised that Roku only transmits the channel and is not responsible for the ads and contents within an app. The contents and ads are solely being chosen by the respective channel and we have no control over the programming or operation of the channel. With that being said, we would recommend reaching out to Sling TV Support to report the issue and for further help.

You can contact them here: or call them at 1-888-361-7149.

All the best,

Kariza D.
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Re: Extra commercials being inserted into programs

I have the issue on The Roku channel where it plays commercials at the normal breaks but also in-between so the show is lasting longer than it should. 

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Re: Extra commercials being inserted into programs

Same is happening to me. Always msnbc...very frustrating. 

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