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Re: Excessive buffering watching FOX News Channel

Bought a Roku TV several months ago. Fox News Channel is the ONLY channel that constantly buffers, any time of day or evening. I even get a periodic message..."Are you still watching?"  Who is monitoring what I am watching??? If I was a conspiracy nut, I'd think I was being spied on.... 

Link provided means nothing. Either technology is screwed up at FOX or we ARE being monitored ala Facebook and Twitter....


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Re: Excessive buffering watching FOX News Channel

Yes, I have noticed this as well.  It does not happen with firestick as of yet!  It also buffers with spectrum. No buffering  with ANYTHING ELSE!  

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Re: Excessive buffering watching FOX News Channel

I have a TCL Roku TV. Same issue with only FOX News channel. I have found I can restart my TV and it will load. Yes, FoX News is the only App (channel) that does this. Since that is the case, I have decided that it is probably a FOX App (channel, I am using the terms synonymously) issue. Of course, I suppose it could be a great conspiracy. Nothing would surprise me anymore.

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Re: Excessive buffering watching FOX News Channel

I have several Roku devices and I was seeing Fox buffering on YouTube TV for weeks.  Had contacted YouTube TV support and they offered no solution nor a refund for lost viewing so I cancelled.  Moved to Sling and haven't had any issues.   Had also installed and used the Fox (News and Bus) apps on Roku for a week before cancelling YouTube TV and didn't have any issues with the apps.