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Escalated commercial breaks and times.

I am a retired programmer of broadcast Radio. Programming is programming on any medium! As a huge Hells Kitchen fan it was a challenge to binge the series! I subscribed to ad free Discovery Plus and after a few seasons, FilmRise kept switching it to Roku channel with ads! I persisted and finally got to the 19th season, by exiting the stream and re-entering the show on Discovery Plus. 

Here's the downside! Upon streaming the first 13 episodes with normally 4 commercial breaks lasting 15 seconds to 1:00. I could deal with that. But upon the 15th episode it jumped to 4 breaks lasting 1:30 to 2:00 each break! Upon the 17th episode,it included 4 breaks lasting 6:30 in total time. On the 16th finale show it contained as follows:(1) 1:30, (2) 2:00, (3) 1:30, (4) 2:00 (5) 45 sec! Total 7:45 commercial time! 

So Sad that data and subscriptions I pay for are manipulated in such a way,simply to deliver useless data! As time progresses,people will become aware of abusive data manipulation and those platforms will fade! In all I will not watch the Roku channel or it's 20th season presentation of Hells Kitchen on their channel! Best wishes though!Tw-0

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